Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer Loving

Thursday 15th August

Here is a round-up of a few of my summer must have's that I haven't been able to live without ..

Nothing says Summer more than a hammock with many a lazy hour spent lollying on it in the garden.  There is nothing nicer than snuggling up with blankets and cushions whilst reading stories to the boys in it.  Or dozing in it whilst looking up at the sunny white fluffy cloud-filled sky.

What might seem at first like an extravagance it has now become our garden staple. Opting for a double hammock is a must, it means everyone can bundle in. Choose one with a stand so there's no need for trees to tie it to. Check this one out from Amazon or this one

Pedi-ready toes. Regular nail varnishes tends to chip particularly if you spend as much time as I do on the beach.  Jessica  GELeration  means perfectly polished & glossy toes for at least 4 weeks. Plus no need to wait ages for it to dry for fear of smudging, they are instantly ready when you walk out of the salon. Result.  My go-to summer colour is Dynamic. 
I'm in love with these enamel 'Carry on Camping' Mugs,(approx £5). I take these with us whenever we are out and about and need a brew. 
I bought them from the fabulous boutique Live Like This based in Cowes. I could literally buy everything in there. If you don't live near then they do offer mail order if you can't find these mugs on the website, do give them a call.

Although it's high summer, Sept is around the corner and with it brings cooler evenings.  These gorgeous oversized jumpers from Hush are easy to slip on and feel so luxurious.  Snap them up before they sell out in their sale they are now a mere snip at £25 and there is a further 10% off for the next few days if you use LASTDAYS promo code at checkout.

I've been eating a lot of Frittata. It's easy to whip one up and cheap to make by using left overs from the fridge,


  1. Thank you for your great recommendations. Unsurprisingly I am loving the pink jumper!!!! The IOW looks fabulous!

  2. Thank you Beth, and glad you enjoyed the post, the pink jumper is fab and I'm getting a lot of wear out of it! and at sale price I don't feel so guilty ;-) x