Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Wednesday 6th March 2013

So at last I've finally taken the plunge and started a blog.  I've had a hankering a while now to start writing. I've managed to see myself through the tech minefield probably by default, god know's how, but pleased to say I'm kinda up and running... So as a newbie I'm hoping you will forgive me for any school girl errors I'm bound to make in terms of layout and design whilst I find my feet.  I'm looking forward to the journey x


  1. Hiya ... err ... Binkie!

    I see you're back in the Isle of Wight, and I'm trying to make touch with some locals on the ground. Reason: I'm a foreigner looking to relocate there (luckily I have some family living on the "Island"). Would you mind if I twist your arm with a few questions about life there?

    1. Hi of course send your questions over and i'll be happy to help Binkie